Theryon was founded by 3 lifelong friends on a mission
to make physical therapy work for everyone

Meet the founders

Yitzchok Kolodny
CEO, Co-Founder, Physical Therapist
Zvi Gutman
COO, Co-Founder, Physical Therapist
David Kupfer
CFO, Co-Founder

Our story

Yitzchok Kolodny

Zvi and I had been working as physical therapists for over a decade. We often talked about opening a clinic together but we felt there was more to do. The fact that only 8% of Americans seek help for their injuries was telling to us. There are thousands of clinics out there yet Americans still struggle making it to the treatment room. We know it’s a hassle to travel, especially if you’re injured or working long hours. As people weren’t getting the help they needed, opening another clinic wasn’t the answer.

Our “Aha!” moment

I had Zvi and David in tears laughing one Saturday brunch after I told them I’d treated a CEO at a Fortune 500 company earlier in the week… and it wasn’t your standard session – I treated him during a boardroom meeting! My patients usually came to me, so this was a rare exception, but that’s when it clicked – patients shouldn’t need to travel to see a physical therapist. It should be the other way around. I pitched an on-demand physical therapy service to Zvi a few days later and he loved it. We then pitched the idea to David and he wanted in, too. As an experienced attorney, David understands the complex legal issues and regulatory compliance that businesses face. The three of us got to work.

Launching Theryon: Physical Therapy on Demand

Late nights thinking of company names, designing the app in my basement (while trying not to step on my kids’ toys), and recruiting a number of physical therapists that shared our passion – in March 2016, we launched Theryon: Physical Therapy on Demand. So no more traveling, rescheduling and putting up with injuries, if you have a smartphone, you can get physical therapy no matter how busy life gets.

Our promise

We will always provide you with a first-class physical therapy experience. From booking your appointment to your treatment itself, we guarantee a seamless experience that’ll leave you feeling much better. So whether you’ve just got back home from work or you’re still at your desk – you can count on us to deliver the help you need, when and where you need it.

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